DRUM BOOKS - Contents and Reviews
Breakbeat Guide
The Breakbeat Guide delivers a natural approach to playing Jungle and Drum&Bass grooves. It offers a unique system of learning which will open the doors to your own creativity. Everything you know about this style is covered in great detail. There are chapters dedicated to Basic Rhythms, Fill-Inīs, Breaks, Independence, Coordination Exercises, Warm-Upīs, Odd Time Signatures, and a wealth of useful information about Drum & Bass and Jungle drumming. All of the exercises in this book are based on the use of a traditional, acoustic drum set. The most comprehensive study material for these styles available on the market!
Hi-Hat Master
The Hi-Hat Master’s unique method is based on the author’s practicing and teaching experience. This system will aid in developing and strengthening the ability to use your hi-hat in a great variety of styles. The exercises cover hi-hat essentials as well as advanced and complex patterns. If you admire the drumming of Carter Beauford, David Garibaldi, Vinnie Colaiuta and the likes, then thatīs the book for you!
Included are independent exercises, swing interpretations, dirty shuffles, halftime shuffles, advanced timing studies, hi-hat foot exercises and special techniques.
A challenge for drummers of all levels!

Frankly, I'm impressed! He really transcended a lot of the stuff out there in terms of graphics, simplicity of explanation and clarity, and topics. I think it's important, I say: Good stuff.
Bruce T. Wittet (Modern Drummer Magazine & Drums ect. Magazine), after reviewing the Breakbeat Guide & Hi-Hat Master drumbook.

Percussion Creative Magazine Edition 04.2005:The Breakbeat Guide offers a fantastic introduction into the world of Drum&Bass/Jungle drumming plus it offers plenty of ideas and concepts for the drummer with D&B experience.